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Public Chat Rules

  • 1. The chat is intended for mutually respectful and friendly communication between customers of the Platform.
  • 2. Chat administrators do not participate in communication and do not comment on any problems of individual users in public chats. For these purposes there is a support service and, in particular, "Support Team" chat.
  • 3. It is forbidden to use profanity, provocation, any insults towards the service and employees, as well as other chat participants.
  • 4. Spam, flood, and any advertising of third-party resources is prohibited.
  • 5. It is forbidden to post promotional codes to public chats.
  • 6. Discussion or any criticism of correspondence between the Client and representatives of the Company is not allowed.
  • 7. It is forbidden to provide trade and investment recommendations in any form.
  • 8. The client has the right to complain about any of the violations of the public chat rules by contacting the support service and providing a screenshot from the correspondence, as well as a screenshot of the violating user's "live trading profile".
  • 9. In case of repeated violations, the Administration reserves the right to disable participation in the public chat.